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7 April 2018
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20 May 2018

New Travel Dates until 2019

Cause Photo Travels Newsletter – May 2018

Need a vacation? We hear you!

Your last vacation is already long gone, and you need something to look forward to? Then look no further. With our unique photo travels, you will surely find something suitable for your next getaway. Let us tell you about our upcoming destinations: Mongolia, Cambodia, Peru, Kenya, Cameroon, Myanmar, South Korea and India!

Summertime is Mongolia time!

Mongolia – Ulaanbaatar and the Gobi Desert
July 9-20, 2018
You usually spend your summers in the sand? Well, then come with us to Mongolia. In the Gobi Desert you will surely find some sand. But Mongolia has so much more to offer. The vast landscapes, the typical Yurts, activities like horse riding and falconry. Mongolia is the 18th largest and the most sparsely populated fully sovereign country in the world, with a population of around 3 million people. But since you come with us and our NGO Partner Missioni Consolata Onlus, we will make sure you get to meet some of these 3 million people. Mongolia is known as the “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky” because it has over 250 sunny days a year – this makes it the perfect summer vacation!

More the autumn type? Spend the end of summer in Cambodia


Cambodia – Temples and floating villages
October 8 -20, 2018
You dream of pagodas and quiet Buddhist temples with golden ornaments? Then Cambodia is your destination. We see Seam Reap with the famous temples of Angkor Wat and pass through floating villages with fisher boats. We will experience the rural Cambodian life in smaller villages and towns and get a unique take on Cambodian culture.

This sounds Spanish to you? Then maybe check out our South American travels.


Southern Peru – Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca
November 26 -December 13, 2018
Peru offers breath taking landscapes, historic monuments, cultural highlights at every corner and amazing humanitarian and environmental experiences. From the Andes to the coast, from the Amazon rainforest to Inca hotspots, Peru has it all. We visit Machu Picchu and the islands on Lake Titicaca. We take a boat ride on the rivers of the Amazon Rainforest where you will see the reality of illegal logging and how many NGOs are working hard to stop this.
You will see the historic cities of Lima and Cuzco and at the same time get to know humanitarian NGO Projects in the suburbs of these cities, trying to help the poorest people and children. It is probably hard to get enough of this country. But there is an option to extend your travel with a journey to see the Nazca Lines or the Rainbow Mountains.

Not enough Peru? We hear you!


Northern Peru – Cloud Warriors and Andean culture
November 26 -December 8, 2018
It is hard to get enough of a country as beautiful and diverse as Peru.
In this photo travel, we head up north. We visit the little Galapagos Islands, the Islas Ballestas and make our way up to Chachapoyas, the wild northern cloud forest destination of the ancient cloud warriors. Visit local villages and Inca ruins as big and impressive as Machu Picchu, but less crowded.
And if you are not vegetarian, don’t miss the opportunity to try Cuy, grilled guinea pig, a local delicacy.

You need more colours? Then Kenya is the place for you!


Kenya – Samburu and Turkana tribes
January 8 -21, 2019
Experience one of the jewels of Africa. From Nairobi to Maralal, close to Lake Turkana. We will travel through the rural areas of the Samburu District accompanied by Missionaries of Missioni Consolata Onlus. This allows us to experience unique situations of everyday life, incredible faces, unique humanity everywhere we go.
This travel will let you experience the true essence of the humanity of Samburu (and Turkana) people and a territory, far away from the usual tourist routes and in the context of the daily activities of the Missioni Consolata Onlus projects. You will be surprised moment after moment on these travels while meeting and getting to know these amazing local villages and people.

Missing Cameroon in June? Then come with us in February!


Cameroon – From Douala to Yaoundé
February 7-17, 2019
Cameroon is also known as the “Miniature Africa”. Located in Central Africa, Cameroon offers almost everything, the rest of the African countries have to offer – all in one place. Mountains, deserts, wildlife or beaches. You name it, Cameroon has it. On our travel to Cameroon you are in for a special treat. Our NGO Partner, the Embolo Foundation, will be with us on this tour. But not only that, in Yaoundé we will even stay with the mother of the foundations founder, Swiss international football player Breel Embolo. So, if that is not convincing yet, surely the villages and projects we will visit in Cameroon will win you over: children, schools, women etc. all of them are looking forward to meeting you.


You like temples and tattoos? Myanmar has them all.

Myanmar – Unique travel to the Chin State
April 26 – May 10, 2019
Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a spectacular country with so much to offer. We will have a very exclusive travel to the lesser known Chin state, an area where the usual tourists normally don’t go to. There, we can experience the authentic life in rural areas and we will meet some of the elder women who have their faces tattooed according to the ancient traditions. And of course, we will visit some beautiful temples and pagodas or monasteries on this tour also. And did we mention the amazing Asian food you will experience there?

You want more? We too!
Soon we will also publish the following travels on our website:

India, March 2019
Lebanon, April 2019
Tanzania (TBD) 2019

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