Cause Newsletter FEB 2018: New Partners, new destinations

Traveling with the Bishop – A unique experience in Kenya
30 January 2018
The Chin people of Myanmar – The Travel Magazine
7 April 2018

New Partners, new destinations

Cause Photo Travels Newsletter – February 2018

The first travel to Kenya this year has been a great success. We had the incredible honor to travel with an actual bishop. But you can read all about that on our Blog page on the website

Next up – Peru
Next week, we will head to Peru with our Partner France Parrainages. Starting in Lima, we will head up north to Cajamarca and the surroundings, documenting the projects of our NGO partner. With France Parrainages, we are currently in the process of designing more travels, for example in Tansania or India. We will soon tell you more about those travels. If you want to know more, check out the Partners Page.

Peru – south and north and Cameroon
In Lima, we also have time to meet the contacts of our newest Partner in our rows. We are so happy to welcome the Swiss Embolo Foundation in our range of NGO Partners.

The foundation has been founded by the Swiss international soccer player Breel Embolo, his mother, the Paolucci family and his team when he was only 19. They have projects on Peru and Cameroon but also in Switzerland. Cause Photo Travels Own Photographer Flavia volunteers with the Embolo foundation for more than a year now, so the collaboration with our travels was the next logical steps. With the Embolo foundation, we offer 2 travels this year. In June, we head to central Africa to Cameroon where we will join Breel Embolos Mom, Germaine, who will show us the projects the foundation supports. The itinerary is not yet fully done, but the travel will soon be bookable online. You can already reserve your seat for it.

The second one will be to the northern part of Peru in November. From Lima we will visit the Ballestas Islands (Little Galapagos) and then head to Huancayo and further up north to the spectacular Amazonian Andes around Chachapoyas, where we can learn all about the Warriors of the clouds, visit caves, waterfalls and monuments. And if you cannot get enough of Peru, we also offer a travel to the southern part, in September with our NGO Partner Yachay Wasi.

And then? -> Myanmar
Can you not wait until June or November? We neither. So, check your calendars, because the next travel will go to Myanmar in May. Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a spectacular country with so much to offer. We will have an exclusive travel to the Chin state, an area usual tourists normally don’t go. There we can experience the authentic life in rural areas and we will meet some of the elder women who have their faces tattooed according to the ancient traditions. And of course, we will visit some beautiful temples and pagodas or monasteries.

Check out the full itinerary and book our seat today: