Travels in collaboration with all our NGO Partners

We are professional Photographers and expert travellers who work with local NGO to realize humanitarian and responsible Photo Travels. Photography for a good cause.

We work closely with local NGOs like Missionari della Consolata Onlus, UNICEF, KYA Cambodia, France Parrainages, KMSS Myanmar, Save the Children in several countries worldwide to create these unique travels. We travel to their own projects and support their causes with our photography.


MCO – Consolata Missionaries Onlus – is a non-governmental organization (NGO) of Christian inspiration, founded 1901 by the Consolata Missionaries, a religious institution operating internationally in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

MCO intends to contribute to human development, spiritual, social and economic development of mankind through the liberation from oppression, violence and poverty. Their actions are based on the values of justice and peace and of the encounter between peoples and religions, intercultural exchange and dialog with all international civilizations who share the same commitment.


The Embolo Foundation has been founded in November 2015 in Basel, Switzerland by Breel Embolo, Germaine Edoua, Jeannette Paolucci and Marc Paolucci. The purpose of the charitable Embolo foundation is the support of economically and socially disadvantaged children and grown-ups all over the world, especially in Peru, Cameroon and Switzerland. The foundation is actively helping to improve the living conditions and education in those countries.

In Switzerland, the main purpose is to support the integration of refugees, especially the children, and to support international solidarity of the Swiss population.

The main principle is to help people help themselves. With all their projects, they are striving to include the recipients of this help from day one on. The foundation aims to work effectively and sustainably without creating addictions.


Recognized as a children’s aid association, France Parrainages has been working for 70 years for the benefit of children, in France and worldwide, to give them the skills to grow in the best possible conditions.

When it was founded in 1947, France Parrainages allowed French war orphans to benefit from financial support, thanks to the sponsorship of Canadian, Swedish, New Zealand and American families. Nowadays, France Parrainages’ purpose is to support and to give long term assistance for children and youth by setting the right kind of conditions to help give them the best possible start in life.

France Parrainages leads humanitarian projects with local partners (NGO or religious congregations) in 16 developing countries in Africa, Asia, South America and East Europe.

Convinced that education is one of the most effective ways to fight against poverty, to improve health, progress gender equality and ensure peace, France Parrainages and its partners gives the possibility to more than 13,000 children and young people in need to be educated and to access their vital needs and their autonomy.


Khmer Youth Association (KYA) is a humanitarian, non-political, non-governmental and non-partisan Cambodian youth organization founded in 1992. KYA is committed to working with and for youth for positive social change by improving and promoting youth participation on different social issues relevant to Cambodia.

KYA strives towards an improved framework for respecting human rights, democracy, gender, health, and the empowerment of young people by the government and other stakeholders utilizing principles that encourage youth participation and recognize youth’s role and works.


Since 2002 Karuna Myanmar Social Services, guided by the Social Teaching of the Church and mandated by CBCM, undertakes the Social Development activities in 16 Dioceses. It works in cooperation with faith-based leaders, local authority, ethnic groups and community leaders at all levels.

The main role of Karuna Myanmar is to coordinate with donors and Diocesan Karuna offices through local Church and to help Diocesan Karunas in enhancing the capacity of the local people with practical knowledge and skills, in uplifting the overall living standard of the poor and the marginalized regardless of creed and ethnicity through facilitating awareness training workshops, strengthening formal and informal education, fortifying health, and improving agricultural and livelihood opportunities.

Karuna Myanmar has been putting every effort to maximize the quality and the dignity of life of the poor and the needy.


Yachay Wasi is a non-profit association who works in the field of development in solidarity and integration. They contribute to affirming the right to life for everybody starting from the right to education, health and to work. They create spaces of cultural exchange and participation by putting those people in the center that are normally excluded from this type of system and by valorising the millenial Andean Culture. Amazonian and Coastal People, even though often segregated, can form this great country today called Peru if they work together.

Since 1997 the association has accompanied social projects in Lima and other places in Peru with activities to acknowledge all those people who demanded to know directly the initiatives aim for the improvement of life in Peru.

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