Yachay Wasi is a non profit organization interested in Peruvian Inka culture and the rights of indigenous peoples.

Yachay Wasi has long term cultural and sustainable development projects in the Cuzco region, which includes preservation and production of traditional textiles and environmental projects.

Yachay Wasi is a non-profit association who works in the field of development in solidarity and integration. They contribute to affirming the right to life for everybody starting from the right to education, health and to work. They create spaces of cultural exchange and participation by putting those people in the center that are normally excluded from this type of system and by valorising the millenial Andean Culture. Amazonian and Coastal People, even though often segregated, can form this great country today called Peru if they work together.

Since 1997 the association has accompanied social projects in Lima and other places in Peru with activities to acknowledge all those people who demanded to know directly the initiatives aim for the improvement of life in Peru.

This was also the birth of the responsible tourism through photographic humanitarian travels proposed Cause Photo Travels in Peru.

Yachay Wasi aims to bring together the peoples of origin rights, provide dignified space of life, humanity and peace. The project embraces different levels of everyday and communal life of these young towns along the slopes of the Cerro Las Conchitas. The Education Center is constituted from the “Inicial” (nursery school), to the “Apoyo Escolar” (day nursery) up to “Clases de computation” (computer classes). They also have a “Centro Medicocomprendere”, an analysis laboratory, a pharmacy and a center of natural medicine (Amazonian and Andean) with the aim of ensuring the accessibility of the right to health. The “Taller de Costura” (Crafts and tailoring workshop) represents a working outlet and learning for the women of the community. Other activities, such as the Cinema and various artistic workshops, open their doors to Peruvian citizens that arrived in Lima from Sierra and Selva in search of work and a promised land.