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KYA Cambodia vision is to be potential youth, working with and for youth, for social positive change.

KYA Cambodias mission is to upgrade and promote human rights, democracy, peace building, health, gender equality, education and vocational training for young people in Cambodia.

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Project Title: Investing in girls to be the future economic leaders
Goal: Provide comfortable spaces for students to shape their future.
Current condition: After graduating from high school, the minority of people from smaller communities are able to come to the city to pursue a higher education by renting small rooms to stay, riding bicycles to school. Since they are from smaller towns, they face many challenges as Chea (2015) found out. Most of the female students have to cope with financial, academic, health, and social environment problems. The main challenges are:

  • Academic Performance: To learn English is a big obstacle for Cambodian students coming from provinces, because they do not study English much because of lack of English classes/teachers, and their homes are far from the school. In addition, almost all class books in university are in English, yet students do not understand well enough in terms of reading, listening, writing and speaking.
  • City Environment: Many of the students from the provinces come to the city alone, some come with one or two friends, but since not all of them study, it is hard for them to find a common room to rent. Many students therefore suffer from being lonely or homesick and they might need a lot of their little money for travels home. Many of the students have only lived with their family before this and therefore need more time and maybe help to adapt with the new environment.
  • Volunteer/internship: The majority of students are well aware that volunteerin or internships are helpful in their CV for their career, and it is the main ressource for KYA, too. Poorer students allthough will not be able to volunteer or be interns because they will need to work beside school to earn some money for their cost of living.

For these reasons, KYA is playing a key role to help minimize the challenges and promote student education and well being by initiating the Dormitory and Youth Hub Program to assist young students from communities to pursue a higher education and to help them get the knowledge to develop their communities and with this also the country.

KYA Dormitory
KYA will hire an apartment consisting of five to six rooms – to build a dormitory. The dormitory will be the students’ home and the will live as a community. Parking spaces for the students’ motorbikes and bicycles are available too. A kitchen is available for their use, for sharing and keeping their food. At the first floor, there will be a class room for english and computer classes, and a self-learning space will be created on the same floor.

KYA provides English classes to students – free of charge – by cooperating with Projects Abroad, one of KYAs potential partners. Projects Abroad is the world’s leading international volunteering organization, with headquarters in the UK and offices and projects in over 50 countries around the world. With their global reach, they offer the widest range of volunteer projects and locations, and their own dedicated staff are on hand 24/7 to make sure the volunteers make the most of their experience and leave a lasting, positive impact. Additionally, KYA will look for volunteer teachers to teach Computer/technology to the students.

KYA offers Mentorship and Leadership programs to students to create future goals by assisting and learning from the mentors. Mentorship and Leadership programs will be provided by Wedu – a partner of KYA. Wedu is a leadership development organization that aims to unlock the leadership potential of young women in Asia, enabling them to become leaders of their own development and that of their community. Wedu achieves this mission by offering mentorship and innovative financing options for completing university education to high potential women (‘Rising Stars’). Together, mentorship and education give young women the tools to realize their full leadership potential and goals. Wedu works with young women throughout Asia, with a focus on underserved communities, who exhibit strong leadership qualities. Each Rising Star is individually matched with a committed mentor who works with her to create the conditions and develop the skills necessary to help her achieve her goal of effecting social change.

KYA encourages students to volunteer/intern with state and private NGOs to shape their skills and also to enhance leadership experience and networking. KYA will negotiate with state and private NGOs to have volunteer spaces especially for KYA students – to fit with the students’ goals and skills.

To make the dormitories more self sustained and to ask for less support from donors, student must contribute a small amount of fifty dollars per month. This contribution will be able to cover the expenses to rent a house, taxes, electricity, water supply, internet fees, garbage fees, and so on. If possible, the student contributions will be able to cover also the Project Officer’s salary, who will respond and facilitate all kinds of works in the dormitory program.

Students benefits

  • Stay in a safe dormitory that forms a good community during their study
  • Live in comfortable environment of peer interaction
  • Opportunity to learn English/Computer skills
  • Volunteer/internship opportunities to develop their skills
  • Opportunity to attend workshops, conferences, forums and other social events through KYA’s networks and partners

Students duties

  • Respect regulations and guidelines of the KYA Dormitory Program
  • Active participation in all events/program
  • Pay contribution fee 45-50$/Month
  • Pay 2-5% of salary to support next generation (if they are willing to do)
  • Be responsible for their own meals

KYA Youth Hub
Life at the university consist mostly of studying. If the students can afford it, they meet up with friends at coffee shops to review lessons and do assignments together. If they don’t have enough money, the might do the same at the yard of the Royal University of Phnom Penh, the market, or they stay home. The second group of students will most likely study alone, having more difficulties to adapt to group learning and social interactions.

The Khmer Youth Association (KYA) aims to create a youth hub for university students and young people where they can:

  • Attend public events
  • Use the Co-learning space: students can come to study, review lessons, work on their thesis, or doing assignments there after school. They can come alone, with friends, or as as group and will easily find someone to connect there.
  • Use the Event Space: The Hub will open for young people, networking groups, NGOs who want to run kind of good activities/programs for youth and other sort of meetings.