The Swiss foundation aims to help unprivileged children in Peru, Cameroon and Switzerland.

The foundation is actively helping to improve the living conditions and education in those countries.

Embolo Foundation has been founded in November 2015 in Basel, Switzerland by Breel Embolo, Germaine Edoua, Jeannette Paolucci and Marc Paolucci. The purpose of the charitable Embolo foundation is the support of economically and socially disadvantaged children and grown-ups all over the world, especially in Peru, Cameroon and Switzerland. The foundation is actively helping to improve the living conditions and education in those countries.

In Switzerland, the main purpose is to support the integration of refugees, especially the children, and to support international solidarity of the Swiss population.

The main principle is to help people help themselves. With all their projects, they are striving to include the recipients of this help from day one on. The foundation aims to work effectively and sustainably without creating addictions.

Projects in Cameroon

In Yaounde the foundation supports a hospital with furnishings and machines organized in Switzerland. Furthermore, they help renovate existing but dilapidated Schools.

Besides this, the foundation organizes regular shipments of containers with donated materials from Switzerland to Cameroon. In the country, the foundation representatives hand out these materials in orphanages around Yaounde. Like this, the safe arrival and distribution are warranted.

In Okong, the existing school needs to be renovated, Additionally, the foundation aims to provide proper furnishings. This will be ensured by integrating the local population in all steps of this process. After the renovation is completed, some of the locals will be taking over in administrative positions.

Projects in Peru

In Peru, the foundation supports and visits regularly several orphanages and children homes.

The orphanage Mahanaim in the outer area of Lima is a well organised und structured institution. The Embolo Foundation supports the orphanage with donated materials and finances a part of the yearly costs to provide the children with milk.

In the Peruvian highlands, girls are among the especially disadvantaged population groups.  The association ANJ Kinderhilfe e.V. maintains an orphanage in San Pedro de Junin for around 18 girls between 1 and 18 years old.

The past of these girls is often affected by tragic events like violence, negligence or the loss of parents.

In the orphanage, the girls have a safe home where they can grow up with support and love. The association provides the girls a good education, professional care and thus gives them the chance to break out of the circle of poverty.

Since the sanitary facilities are in a really bad condition, the Embolo Foundation decided to provide safe, functional and hygenic sanitary facilities as well as too finance the renovation

Additionally, the Embolo Foundation supports the association ANJ Kinderhilfe e.V. with a sponsorship and collects clothes and shoes for girls.