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30 Januar 2018

Cambodia Photo Tour – The Travel Magazine

Cambodia Photo Tour – Authentic life experiences

Images and text by Dan Romeo

Why Cambodia?” This is a question that many people have asked us in the last years! Cambodia has a charm that rubs off on you! After the first visit, you will have the need to feel again colors, aromas, and flavors, the chaos of its cities or the tranquility of the villages, the serenity of the temples and the smiles of the people. All of this made us travel to Cambodia many times.

Like most Asians, Cambodian people keep everything inside. Years of suffering, injustice, problems, fears, emotions: it is difficult for them to open up. However, they never fail to give you their calmness, accompanied by the sweetest of smiles. Cambodia is the country of children. It may seem trivial but you will immediately fall in love with their terrific eyes looking at you while facing their tough life always with a smile and innate kindness.

The countryside with its dusty roads, temples, slums and amazing landmarks like the floating villages are as breathtaking as the Buddhist monks in their orange, red or saffron robes when they come out of the pagodas in the morning.

Often one can spot a serious look in Cambodian faces, but mostly it is only shyness – just a click, a simple gesture and they will smile at the curious stranger looking enchanted back at them.

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