We collect funds to buy food for the projects and materials to bring on our travels

Organizing Humanitarian Photo Travels to provide our NGO partners with quality image material to help them in their communication and to raise well needed funds is not enough for us at Cause Photo Travels.

In Europe, we are all blessed with mostly war- and trouble-free countries and a low poverty rate. Also, we all have easy access to (clean) water and a high hygiene standard.

But the people we visit together with our NGO Partners don’t have all of that. Many of them live in poverty and/or have to make huge efforts to get clean drinking water or enough food


Before or in between our travels, we ask among our friends to collect clothes, shoes, toys, toiletries, notepads and other helpful things to bring along with our travels. Once in the country, we will also go to the grocery stores and buy some food like rice, beans, flour, maize etc. We also suggest to our participants to do the same.

To coordinate all these donations in a more professional and independent way, we founded our little sister association: Cause Travel Charity. In this way, we can collect funds to buy food for the projects and materials to bring on our travels. In most cases, the airline allows two check in bags, so one can be entirely with charitable goods. In cases where this is not possible, we simply fill whatever space we have or buy another check in luggage when booking.

We can assure you, all funds go directly and solely to the use of the people in the projects we visit. And of course, if you book your seat on one of our travels, you will be right there with us handing out these materials yourself!

If you want to send us material like clothing, soaps, toothbrushes, shoes, toys or whatever, please contact us for the address, as we are setting up our depot at the moment and the address might still change.

If you can’t donate materials, you can also donate some money in order to support our activities and contribute to those local projects with our NGO partners, please do so using our PayPal Charity Account.

Thank you very much for supporting us in this!


Allowing us and our Partners to show you the real life in our countries

Allowing us to donate a percentage of the income of our travels to the projects we visit

Supporting the local economy with us (hotels, restaurants etc.

Supporting the charitable projects by donating a share of your images (not mandatory)

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