Professional photographers and expert travellers

We are professional photographers and expert travellers who work with local NGO to realize humanitarian and responsible photo travels. Photography for a good cause.
We work closely with local NGOs like Missionari della Consolata Onlus, UNICEF or Save the Children worldwide to create these unique travels. We travel to their own projects and support their causes with our photography.

Travel through the rural areas of Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe or South America accompanied by international and local NGOs and expert guides with years of experience in NGO assignments worldwide.

This lets you experience situations of real life, incredible faces, unique humanity – every step of the way. The travels are intended to experience the true essence of people and a territory, away from the tourist paths – and most of all to get to know the daily activities of humanitarian projects.

It’s a continuous discovery. You will be surprised moment after moment on these travels, while meeting and getting to know these amazing local villages and people. We combine our passion for photography and travels with our professional experience, organizing your travels with a deep love for the countries and attention to details.

The basis of our responsible photo travels are the unique contact and the empathy while engaging with locals. You will stay in remote villages, attend NGO activities supporting the community, participate to carry out their projects, take part in food preparation and last but not least work and photograph the life of the community from sunrise to sunset.

These are unique and unimaginable moments that only a slow, conscious and responsible travel can give you.

Our Tours are designed for people with a passion for photography and responsible travels, limited to a maximum of 12 participants per travel. Thanks to the small groups and the close collaboration with the NGOs, you will be able to travel to destinations, tourists normally will not be able to access. A truly unique and memorable experience.

We believe in a travel that is responsible in all ways – socially and culturally. Our aim is to travel as responsibly as possible, treating locals and their culture and traditions with the utmost respect while also making sure our impact on the environment is as minor as possible. To ensure this, we will provide some guidelines for the chosen country together with the itinerary.

We will always work with experienced guides and local drivers, and we work only with local travel partners rather than with international travel organizations.

Using local guides, we can always guarantee that all information will be provided in an impartial way, updated and correct. And most of all, it is a way to support the local economy even more. If we cannot stay with the missionaries or local NGO partners, we will always try to arrange a home-stay or a local guest-house close by.

The itineraries that include contacts with local minorities and isolated groups are managed in such a way that the whole community will enjoy the benefits of our visits.

We support the projects of our NGO partners in a way that our tours will provide economic support within the communities we visit.


Phone/WhatsApp: +39 338 6566025
Email: contact@causephototravels.com
Languages: IT, EN


Phone/WhatsApp: +41 76 565 35 01
Email: contact@causephototravels.com
Languages: DE, FR, EN, ES


Our travels are realized in collaboration with RAPTIM – International Tour Operator specialized in humanitarian travels www.raptim.org


A percentage of the proceeds of every trip are donated to the realization of the projects of solidarity and humanitarian aid we visit on our travels.

Our Team

Dan Romeo

Professional Photographer - Operations & Logistic - Tour Leader

Dan is an independent photographer specializing in documenting cultures and exploring real and traditional ways of life. His interests are on subjects that focus on education, sanitation, women's rights, children's rights, labour conditions, undiscovered cultures and ethnic groups in danger of extinction.
Dan graduated from his studies in Italy and held management positions at various IT and telecommunication companies, managing international projects between Italy, US, UK, the Middle East and India.

Over the past 12 years, Dan has dedicated his life to the world of documentaries and reportage coming in contact with situations very far away from the daily lives and comfort of western consumerism. He has travelled and documented many areas of the world, from India to South America to Africa. His latest documentary was filmed in Brazil where he spent weeks living in the Amazonian rainforest with the Yanomami tribe, one of the last uncontacted peoples left in the world. This project, made with the support and cooperation of two NGOs, resulted in various video productions and photo exhibitions being held in order to support the Yanomami in maintaining their way of life.

An emotion-seeking traveller, Dan has been moving across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America since 2005. His work has been published in NGO projects, reports, documents, books, magazines, campaigns and photography events. Among his most recent collaborations: UNICEF, Save The Children, Transparency International, France Parrainages, Condé Nast Traveller, Vanity Fair.

Dan assists NGOs and humanitarian organizations in telling their stories and promoting their work through photography and documentary projects.

Flavia Müller

Professional Photographer - Operations & Customer Service - Tour Leader

Flavia is a humanitarian, environmental and conservational photographer from Switzerland.
With her images, she desires to transport emotions, urging people to open their heart and react. The reactions she's aiming for are versatile, they can be a simple gesture, a smile, a tear or a clear action like a donation to a humanitarian or environmental project or they decide to join one of these projects as a volunteer.

As an experienced solo traveller with a passion to learn about cultures and to meet new people, she has seen a fair share of the beauty that is to be found in all continents on this planet. She has the utmost respect for NGOs and volunteers who aim at making this world a better place by giving a piece of their heart to help others who can’t help themselves. With her images, she aims to tell the story of those, who cannot tell it themselves.

She's an independent photographer with a background in Event marketing and Communication working for several NGOs in Switzerland.

Her area of expertise is in the field of NGO photography, volunteering, sustainability, environmental issues, nature photography, wildlife and nature conservation, women rights, gender equality, children welfare and zero waste.

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