• Travel with us through the rural areas of Asia, Africa, and South America to experience the real life - off the beaten track. All our travels are organized in close collaboration with our NGO and Non-Profit Partners who run charitable projects in the respective countries. Our travels mix fantastic landscape moments together with the visit of these charitable, humanitarian projects where the local people, especially the kids will win your heart forever. We at Cause Photo Travels want to share with you our passion for humanitarian work and charity. We will donate a certain number of our photos from these travels to our Partners. This helps them to have quality images for their fundraising and their communication. You are welcome to join and donate a selection of your images as well. All our travels are responsible, conscious and sustainable travels where we work closely with the local communities. You will stay in remote villages, attend NGO activities supporting the community, participate in carrying on their projects, take part in food preparations and last but not least get the chance to take photos from sunrise to sunset. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to book our travels. You can also come without a camera. Everyone is welcome.


Allowing us and our Partners to show you the real life in our countries

Allowing us to donate a percentage of the income of our travels to the projects we visit

Supporting the local economy with us (hotels, restaurants etc.)

Supporting the charitable projects by donating a share of your images (not mandatory)



We are professional Photographers and Travellers. We feel and carry out our photo travels as unique experiences of life and to live them to the maximum in the first person as it was always the first time. These are journeys that change our visions, our approach to photography and to everyday life.

Travel Responsibly

We know that each one of our destinations is someone else’s home and for this reason, we want to leave the places we visit as we’ve found them. This by ensuring that the communities will have a benefit from our visit. This is what we call responsible travel.

Live authentic experiences

Our travels are authentic experiences from a cultural, ethnic and human point of view. Our goal is to promote sustainability as a support for the communities also through our photography as a tool for documentation and reportage.

Photography for a good cause

We combine the experience that a responsible travel can offer with the passion of photography and reportage. Explore, live and document what happens in the daily life and during the activities carried out within a humanitarian and solidary project.

Support humanitarian projects

With our travels, we support local development and humanitarian projects of our NGO partners. We donate a percentage of the proceeds of each trip to the realization of concrete projects in the places we visit with our travels.

Customers & Partners

Our customers and Partners are local and international humanitarian organizations, media organizations, camera and equipment manufacturers, magazines and newspapers.

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