Worldwide Humanitarian Photo Travels together with Professional NGO Photographers and International Humanitarian Organizations

Travel through the rural areas of Asia, Africa, South America accompanied by international and local NGOs and expert guides with years of experience in NGO assignments worldwide. This lets you experience situations of real life, incredible faces, unique humanity on every step of the way.

It’s the travel intended as the research for the true essence of people and of a territory, away from the tourist paths and in the context of the daily activities of humanitarian projects.

It’s a continuous discovery. You will be surprised moment after moment on this travel, taking all the time you need to enjoy the pleasure of knowing, meeting, and sharing your passion in photography.

The basis of our responsible photo travels are the unique contact and the empathy while engaging with locals. You will stay in remote villages, attend NGO activities supporting the community, participate in carrying on their projects, take part in food preparation and last but not least work and photograph the life of the community from sunrise to sunset.

These are unique and unimaginable moments that only a slow, conscious and responsible travel can give you.


We specialize in tailor-making Humanitarian Photographic Travels to ensure you get the perfect itinerary for your unique and unforgettable human and photographic experience.
We work in partnership with International and local NGO.
With a personal touch from the first email right up until we drop you off at the airport, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled customer service.

Humanitarian Photo Travel

Humanitarian Photo Travel


A unique and exclusive Myanmar tour will start from Yangon with a domestic flight to Kale in the North Chin State. Passing through villages and communities it will end in the South Chin to discover the beauty of tattooed elder women.
NGO Partner: KMSS Caritas Myanmar
Period: May 11 - 23, 2018
From: € 3.250,00
Humanitarian Photo Travel

Humanitarian Photo Travel


Discover Central Africa with all it's diversity. White sandy beaches, rainforest and active volcanos. Cameroon has it all and more. From the capital Yaoundé, spread over seven hills, to visiting remote villages in the countryside.
NGO Partner: Embolo Foundation
Period: May 27 - June 6, 2018
From: € 2.850,00
Humanitarian Photo Travel

Humanitarian Photo Travel


Discover one of the most beautiful countries in East Asia. Experience remote desert villages and warm welcomes. From Ulanbaatar to the Gobi Desert accompanied by Giorgio Marengo, Missionary of the Missionari della Consolata.
NGO Partner: Missionari della Consolata
Period: July 9 - 20, 2018 & September 2018
From: € 3.250,00
Humanitarian Photo Travel

Humanitarian Photo Travel


From Phnom Penh to Siem Reap through rural Cambodia. A Humanitarian Photographic Travel to discover the faces and traditions of the Cambodian people while documenting and supporting humanitarian projects.
NGO Partner: KYA Cambodia
Period: August 2018
From: € 2.900,00
Humanitarian Photo Travel

Humanitarian Photo Travel


Peru offers breathtaking landscapes, historic monuments, cultural highlights at every corner as well as amazing humanitarian experiences. On this travel, you will experience the immense biodiversity of Peru.
NGO Partner: Embolo Foundation
Period: November 2018
From: € 3.150,00
Humanitarian Photo Travel

Humanitarian Photo Travel


Discover one of the most biodiverse and colorful countries in this world. Historic cities, Inca remnants, living traditions, thriving communities, Lake Titicaca and of course the millions of Llamas and Vicuñas.
NGO Partner: Yachay Wasi
Period: September 2018
From: € 3.350,00
Humanitarian Photo Travel

Humanitarian Photo Travel


Experience one of the jewels of Africa. In Kenya you will meet communities of the Turkana and Samburu tribes far away from the usual tourist routes. From Nairobi to Maralal close to Lake Turkana.
NGO Partner: Missionari della Consolata
Period: January 2019
From: € 2.900,00
Humanitarian Photo Travel

Humanitarian Photo Travel


From Yokkok to Tajejon passing through Seoul, the Soraksan mountain, Folk Village, Kyeong-ju. Including 3 days to the Jeju Island. We will be accompanied by Diego Cazzolato, Missionary of Missionari della Consolata.
NGO Partner: Missionari della Consolata
Period: October 2018
From: € 3.250,00

Start in taking photographs for a good cause!

Combine your passion for photography with responsible travel. Our travels are designed and accompanied by professional photographers and experienced travelers.

You will have field workshop sessions to learn how to document humanitarian projects, how to carry out travel reportages or stunning portraits and learn about ethnic and ethical photography.

Travel Responsibly

We know that each one of our destinations is someone else’s home and for this reason, we want to leave the places we visit as we’ve found them. This by ensuring that the communities will have a benefit from our visit. This is what we call responsible travel.

Live authentic experiences

Our travels are authentic experiences from a cultural, ethnic and human point of view. Our goal is to promote sustainability as a support for the communities also through our photography as a tool for documentation and reportage.

Photography for a cause

We combine the experience that a responsible travel can offer with the passion of photography and reportage. Explore, live and document what happens in the daily life and during the activities carried out within a humanitarian and solidary project.

Support humanitarian projects

With our travels, we support local development and humanitarian projects of our NGO partners.
We donate 15% of the proceeds of each trip to the realization of concrete projects in the places we visit with our travels.


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